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Classic Window Wash

This post is to answer any questions you might have about what process we use to do a Classic Window Wash Overview: A classic window wash is when our technicians get up close and personal with your windows. Using a brush and squeegee they will remove dirt, scrub, and...

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Cloud 9 Windows Cleaning Price

If you don't think that you need a professional window washing service, then you may be making a big mistake. Although many people think that their windows get a "good wash" whenever it rains, this isn't actually the case, because rain water can include impurities and...

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Put the hose down!

Remember that time when your spouse asked you to clean the windows (and you didn't call the professional and best Scottsdale window cleaners?) So you grabbed the garden hose and gave them a good spray down?  Maybe you even removed the screens before doing so.  Done...

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Got Monsoon Cleanup?

It's that time of year again in the Phoenix Valley, the official end of monsoon season.  It is bitter-sweet because we love getting rain in when we can here.  The bitter part is that the monsoon rain collects all the dust in the air and plasters it right down on our...

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Power Washing the Patio

As you know in Arizona we have no shortage of spider webs and dirt and these tend to build up heavily in patio areas.  These webs and layers of dirt are unsightly and harm the curb appeal of your home.  We get many calls from our customers about pressure washing,...

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Our Window Cleaning Service Expectations

Cloud 9 Window Washing provides the highest quality window washing for your home or place of business.  Look up our reviews and you will see the testimonies of the satisfied customers that we have served.  Getting ready to have an party?  Preparing a home for moving?...

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