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This post is to answer any questions you might have about what process we use to do a Classic Window Wash


A classic window wash is when our technicians get up close and personal with your windows. Using a brush and squeegee they will remove dirt, scrub, and then dry your windows. Learn more about our three step process:

1)  Removing dirt (or other harmful stuff):

Glass is a very hard substance and is hard to scratch unless you use something harder like dirt. If you don’t remove the dirt or other harmful particles from the glass, as you clean you will we be dragging them accross the window as you scrub and squeegee. With larger particles like sand, dirt, stuccko, you will end up seeing visual scratches accross your windows. Smaller particles like dust won’t leave large visable scratches but will leave micro scratches that overtime cause your windows to acumulate dust, hard water and look dull.

Steps we take to insure we remove all particles from your windows:

  • Sponges designed to lift and carry dirt off the windows
  • Soap which creates suds that suspends dirt off windows to be carries away later
  • Using lots of water on the exterior of the house
  • Consistantly rotating water with clean water so we are not putting particles back on the windows
  • Use a special tool to remove stuccko (windows worst nightmare) before scrubbing window

2)  Scrub and clean

After particles have been removed we use a slightly abrasive sponge to scrub each window. This, with the soap, will break down any tough marks or stains.

Steps we take to insure your windows get a good scrubbing:

  • Sponge with soft abrasive surface to help remove marks or stains
  • Scrub stroke from all 4 directions
  • Soap breaks down tough windows marks
  • Use #0000 steel wool to remove anything that will not come off with the sponge

3)  Drying the windows

The water is then squeegeed off the windows using premium soft rubber. If the dirty water is left on the windows it will leave behind the dirt and even minerals that will calcify on your windows leaving permanant water marks.

How we dry off your windows:

  • Using premium soft rubber squeegees we press all water off your windows leaving them dry.
  • Use dry rags to wipe the edges and borders of each window.
  • Always using clean and dry rags to leave your windows crystal clear from corner to corner.

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Working Indoors

We come to clean your house. So we want to leave it clean. We always remove our shoes when we enter your home, or upon request we can wear shoe covers. indoor windows don’t see the weather so they don’t need as much water. We contain all of our water and do our best to have water only on the windows and sills. We will ask you to uncover a window if it is excessively blocked, otherwise we work around your furniture really well.

We will use a drop cloth that we will place over things that need protection from drips or spills. In the case we drip, we always have extra towels to clean up.

Other Special Curcumstances:


Stucko contains particles so large that even our specially designed sponges won’t lift them off the windows when scrubbing. Please be sure to inform your windows washers if you have had stucko work done recently, or if you are concerned there may be stucko on your windows. Let them know so they can avoid them or so you can pay them for the extra time it will take to safely remove the stucko.


Fresh paint will often come off a window with scrubbing, unless you have older glass that has a rougher worn surface. We can easily remove paint from windows, although it is the equivalent of washing a windows 2 to 3 times. Each window cleaner will charge differently but on average you can expect around $3 a window to remove paint.

Hard water

Hard water is caused my mineral rich water evaporating off of a window. The water is evaporated into the air and the minerals are left on the window. The process is much like stalagmites and stalagtites in caves. The water brings minerals and leaves them behind. Slowy one layer at a time building rock solid marks on the windows.


We think we do a pretty good job and to back it up Cloud 9 Windows offers a 200% satisfation guarantee. Meaning that if you are not 100% satisfied with your cleaning we come back and do it again.

Here is to a crystal clear future.

Cloud 9 Window Team

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