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Cloud 9 Windows is committed to making sure we do our part in helping you to create and maintain a crisp, clean, professional face to your business through the regular cleaning services we provide .  Customer feedback from almost every industry is often as focused as much on the cleanliness and appearance of a business as it is on the courtesy and helpfulness of staff.  Your success is our success, we will do our part.

Choosing us as your window washers will not tie you into a contract and you can cancel our service at anytime. This keeps us on our feet. We will seek to win you back every week with quality work.

Here is what you can expect from the Cloud 9 Windows Technicians:

Beginning Inspection

We will perform an initial consult and inspection with your team or team member to discover potential problems with windows and window finishes and make sure we are working together efficiently as a team.  We will make certain we are all on the same page as far as the maintenance of your sparkling storefront

Flawless Work

Your windows will look great! After the initial clean, we will touch up what needs cleaning when we visit. Some weeks weather and conditions will mean your windows need only a simple touch up on the high traffic areas, other weeks we will need to clean every window. Our prices will allow for this give and take so we can get you the best price possible and the hottest looking windows on the block.


On Time

We will show up on time or we will let you know. Regardless of how we have you scheduled we will be there and on time, or we will let you know with advance notice. We will always do our best to inform you of changes at least 24 hrs in advance. If this causes an inconvenience in any way we are committed to doing whatever it will take to make it right.


We will be courteous and respectful to your customers. They are your life-blood and we are cleaning windows for them.  We are committed to making them feel comfortable and at home. We will greet and open the doors for customers when cleaning around doors and walkways. Anytime our washing will restrict access we will be fast and plan it so as to have the smallest effect on your traffic.


Good Looks

We will do a thorough clean on all high traffic areas every week. This will be the first and last thing customers see as they are visiting you and we’ll make sure they stand out.

Window Longevity

We are committed to giving your windows a long and happy life. Weekly window cleaning with the proper equipment can do wonders for the lifespan of your windows.


Our cleaning include a basic wash. Anything that wont come off quickly with our scrubbers and a little elbow grease, there is an additional charge for. Such as paint, stucko, chalk, etc… We will always consult your company contact before doing anything that will change the price.

We Take Clean Windows Very Serious

We take clean windows very seriously and we enjoy our work. Weekly cleaning by professional technicians can keep your windows looking great and their lifespan long. However, the opposite can happen when you don’t treat or clean your windows correctly. In addition to the training you will recieve on our initial inspection, here is a guide on how to touch up your windows midweek. (Yes you get a laminated copy to post !)

Conditions that require renegotiation of fees and schedule:


Inferior Cleaning Methods

If after multiple more than 2 warning, you emplyees continued use of inferior cleaning methods by staff  leading to streaky unattractive windows and possible damage to special treatments even after training and reminders.


Really Dirty

Excessive mid-week messes. Our prices are kept low because we do weekly touch ups, meaning we clean high traffic areas weekly and make sure every window is cleaned at least once monthly. if it becomes a situation where you need full service each week on every window we will need to renegotiate price or schedule extra visits.



In-house construction or construction nearby would likely require schedule or price adjustment.



If there is a legitimate need for windows to be fully cleaned before our next visit, please contact us to come earlier or we can negotiate more frequent visits for the ultimate good of your window investment.

We thank you for your business and look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Cloud 9 Windows Team

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