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As you know in Arizona we have no shortage of spider webs and dirt and these tend to build up heavily in patio areas.  These webs and layers of dirt are unsightly and harm the curb appeal of your home.  We get many calls from our customers about pressure washing, especially to clean-up the monsoon messes.  In addition to window cleaning, we do indeed provide pressure washing of just about anything you would like done.

Our window cleaning technicians are all properly trained with the equipment to provide safe, non-destructive pressure washing of patios, driveway, garage floors, exteriors of homes, patio furniture and just about anything else you can desire.  You don’t have to do anything other than pick up a phone and tell us what you need.  We will move any outdoor furniture and ensure the job is performed with expert care.

It is typical to at least have our technicians perform an exterior window cleaning on any windows that are sprayed or get over spray from the service.  This window washing will ensure that no hard water spots are formed.

This picture is of a pretty typical Arizona entryway and it displays how unsightly the webs and dirt are.  The second image shows the “after” results

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